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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgeryor commonly known as nose surgery in India,is performed by specialized surgeons for correcting the deformities of the nose, breathing problems or for fixing the aesthetic imperfections. Rhinoplasty surgery allows you to achieve the correct proportion of the nose, remove congenital or acquired defects because of trauma. Thanks to rhinoplasty, surgeons can also successfully treat patients with sleep apnea (snoring), which occurs because of the curvature of the septum or inconsistent growth of cartilage in the nasal cavity.

What Leads to Rhinoplasty?

According to APSI (Association of Plastic Surgeons of India), rhinoplasty surgery is necessary for people suffering from breathing difficulty due to a defect in the nose. In addition, any aesthetic imperfection that the patient wants to correct can also become a reason for plastic surgery.

The best rhinoplasty in India will be helpful for patients suffering with:

  • Due to acquired or congenital curvature of the nasal septum.
  • If there is a diagnosis of pathologies of the cartilage tissue of the nasal cavity.
  • If there is a requirement to eliminate flaws after a broken nose.
  • Due to the occurrence of a hump.
  • Because of irregular or too large nostrils.
  • Disproportionate nose length.
  • Uneven or too much thick nasal bridge.
  • Large tip or hanging of the nose.
Whenever the palate is cleft, rhinoplasty can be included in the complex process of facial plastic surgery. The best rhinoplasty procedure will allow you to correct the proportions of the face and restore the regular breathing of the patient. And nose rhinoplasty cost in India is reasonable enough to make it affordable for everyone.

Nose Exams Before the Rhinoplasty Surgery

Depending upon the complexity of the surgery, standard diagnostics before rhinoplasty may include:
  • Laboratory test of blood and urine;
  • Fluorography of the thoracic region.
  • ECG - electrocardiography to study the work of the heart;

The patient also requires a preoperative consultation for wide nose rhinoplasty with a surgeon to discuss all complaints and determine the desired result by the nose's appearance after the operation.
If a detailed study is required, the doctor may also prescribe rhinoscopy - a visual diagnosis of the nasal cavity. The doctor may perform a CT or MRI scan of the nose in specific cases if the surgery is required after a mechanical injury.

Preparation for Nose Correction Surgery

According to the recommendations of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, the patient should avoid taking aspirin, herbal and anti-inflammatory drugs before nose plastic surgery. This can easily impair blood clotting and also promote postoperative complications. In addition, smoking is strictly prohibited, as exposure to nicotine constricts blood vessels, reduces oxygen supply as well as slows down tissue healing.

Types of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty can be easily divided into two categories of operations:

Reconstructive - correction of the nose shape in case of congenital defects or to restore the shape after an injury.

Revision - re-surgery of the nose. This operation is performed if the patient is not satisfied with the previous rhinoplasty result.

According to the method of operations, rhinoplasty can be:

Closed: This procedure is used when the surgeon needs to correct minor defects in the nose. After such a surgical intervention, no visible scars remain on the visible area of the face. In this procedure, the doctor performs closed rhinoplasty transnasally, that is, without any external incision, which reduces the manifestation of hematomas and edema.
Open: In this procedure, the plastic surgeon performs nose surgery from the outside of the nose. This procedure allows for correcting most of the significant defects of the nose, but at the same time, traces of the operation remain visible on the skin. Moreover, swelling and bruising are more pronounced than closed rhinoplasty, but they disappear with the passage of time.

Please note nose rhinoplasty cost in India for both type of operations is quite affordable.

Recovery After Nose Plastic Surgery

It takes around a week for recovery, and after that, the surgeon removes the bandages from the patient. The specialist will advise on postoperative home care to speed up the recovery process. Also, it is recommended that you should avoid heavy physical activity and sports for at least three weeks.
After the completion of the surgery, it is normal for the patient to experience swelling and bruising for several weeks. Numbness of the nose tip is also possible, which disappears after a few months. Therefore, the real effect can be assessed only after around six months of the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Cost In India

The cost of rhinoplasty in Haryana mainly depends on the location of the cosmetic clinic, the complexity of your nose surgery, the type of surgery, among others. The rhinoplasty price in India in Panipat currently ranges from Rs. 50K- to Rs. 1.5 Lacs/.
Rhinoplasty Results
As the recovery period for nose surgery in India takes almost 2 weeks, you will have to be patient to realize the final results. It may take you 9 months to fully witness the nose that you desired


The duration of rhinoplasty surgery is usually two or more hours. After completion of the surgery, a tight bandage is applied to the nose, which should be worn for 7-10 days.
The recovery after the rhinoplasty surgery is undertaken under the supervision of physicians and is divided into several stages. Usually, it requires about three weeks for complete recovery.
Rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and doesn't bring a lot of pain. Usually, patients suffer from the discomfort associated with the plaster, which is applied after the surgery. The plaster removal also does not bring any pain, just unpleasant sensations that can be easily survived.
Open rhinoplasty - Cuts are made from outside (through the columella)
Closed rhinoplasty - Incisions are made from inside the nostrils
The plaster is usually removed ten days after the plastic surgery, and you can return to work. However, it is recommended to start flying no earlier than two weeks after rhinoplasty.
During the initial 2-3 hours after the surgery, until the moment of complete awakening from anesthesia, the patient stays under the supervision of a nurse and a doctor.
Typically, it is recommended for the patient to stay in the clinic for a day. A day after the procedure, the bandages are removed, and a plaster cast is placed on them.
Rhinoplasty surgery is also commonly known as a nose job. It is one of the most desired cosmetic procedures that can help change the appearance of your nose.
The reputation of the surgeon and clinic is among the most important criteria. Only Specialized Plastic Surgeons can do this surgery. Before going for the surgery check if your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Only an experienced Plastic Surgeon can give you natural looking results.The clinic must be equipped with the latest technology and take a very responsible approach while selecting employees.


This is our actual patient. Pictures have been posted with consent. This is not a representation of the typical results because individual results may vary based on the type of treatment and other factors.

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