5 Life-Changing Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

You might have noticed numerous hair removal solutions available in the market. The widely-used techniques for removing unwanted hair from the body in...

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Role of Low-Level Laser Therapy in Hair Growth

Low-Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) refers to the hair loss solution which is non-surgical and is done by using laser light. This laser light aids in charg...

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What Is the Difference Between Open & Closed Rhinoplasty?

Nowadays, people undergo surgical treatments on their body parts, including the nose, lips, breasts, etc. Nose jobs are in high demand as young adults...

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4 Reasons Why Hair Transplant is Growing in India?

A recent survey revealed that approximately 40% of women & 50% of men experience excessive hair loss till the age of 50 years owing to various fac...

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