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Lip Reduction Surgery

Perfection has no limits, this is especially true when it comes to facial appearance. Since ages, people, regardless of religion, gender, cultural and historical factors, have tried everything possible to transform their looks, using cosmetics, masks, etc. Nowadays, modern plastic surgery procedures offer a chance to everyone who does not have perfect facial features.
One of the most chosen cosmetology services, which provides a quick and incredibly effective result of transforming the appearance, is lip reduction surgery - a method of improving the shape of the lips, correcting congenital and acquired lip deformities and age-related changes with the help of modern plastic surgery.

What is Lip Reduction Surgery?

Modern lip thinning surgery is among the most popular methods of correcting the upper and lower lips to achieve a balanced relationship.If there are significant defects, then reconstructive lip reduction surgery is performed. The end goal is to enhance facial appearance by modifying the lips while maintaining their general function.

How Does Lip Reduction Surgery Work?

In most cases, lip reduction surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. The doctor forms markings on the skin and creates a new lip design with the help of a small incision. Reducing the lip size requires eliminating deformed tissues.During the reconstructive intervention, one's tissues can be inserted - flaps, fat, etc. The wound is stitched using cosmetic sutures, which is generally removed on the 6-7th day. After the procedure, an ice pack is applied to the operated area for the first few hours, which helps prevent large oedema. Most of the time, incisions are made through the mucous membrane of the mouth, so they remain invisible after the surgery.

Indications for the Surgical Lip Correction

Lip thinning surgery is performed in the following main cases:
  • Due to the age-related changes when the lips shrink and sink. In such cases, additional plastic surgery of the frenum of the lips may be necessary.
  • Due to asymmetry in the lips, that is, the difference in volume and shape. In such instances, plastic surgery of the upper lip or lower lip is recommended.
  • Not very noticeable lip contour.
  • Inadequate volume of the lips.
  • Too much pronounced lower lip.
  • Issues with the Cupid arch.
  • Cysts, scars, papillomas.
  • Due to cleft lip or cleft palate.
  • Because of the presence of defects of a traumatic nature.

Contraindications to Surgical Lip Correction

Similar to any other surgical intervention, lip thinning surgery has its own set of contraindications. Some of them are related to aesthetics, while others are general. Here is the list of the most typical ones
  • The presence of skin diseases in the operating area.
  • Occurrence of infectious diseases or worsening of chronic diseases
  • Poor blood clotting.
  • Cancer
  • Appearance of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Problems in the endocrine system.
  • There is a small margin between the nose base and the border of the upper lip.
  • Low skin turgor
  • Age inappropriate for surgery (under 16 years).

How to Prepare for Lip Plastic Surgery?

  • Visit Dr Soni's Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre for Lip Reduction Surgery in Panipat.
  • During the consultation, you can discuss your wishes and possibilities related to lip reduction surgery. While consulting, you can tell them about your medical history, previous experiences, and answer a few questions from the doctor.
  • The doctor will let you know about the tests you need to take and what result you can expect from them.
  • You will also need to exclude any medication you take and quit smoking (if you smoke).
  • Lastly, the surgeon will take photos of your lip. Then he will recommend the best method of surgery for you.

The cost of Lip Reduction Surgery in Haryana

The overall cost depends on the complexity of the intervention and the desired result. Aesthetic plastic surgery costs way less than complex reconstructive surgery. So stop searching for the lip reduction surgery cost in Panipat and contact Dr Soni's Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre straight away. We will provide you with the most reasonable costing of the lip reduction surgery in Haryana as per your requirements.
Consult us today to know about the estimated cost of lip reduction surgery and other details.

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