How To Plan Your Hair Transplant

How to Plan Your Hair Transplant

  • You have to arrive at Dr. Soni’s plastic surgery & hair transplant centre at a pre-decided time.
  • Please note that your consent is necessary for our team since we wish you are ready for the treatment both physically and mentally. You would not be able to drive due to the effect of anesthesia and sedatives. Therefore, make sure you make arrangements for going back to the home.
  • Avoid wearing the garments that you need to wear from the head.
  • Come to the clinic after properly shampooing your hair and do not apply oil or any hair product on your hair.
  • Visit the clinic for the surgery after having a healthy breakfast but ignore spicy food.
  • If you come from another city, we advise you to come before the day of the surgery.

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Can I expect some tests?

  • As soon as you reach the clinic, you may have some blood tests before the treatment starts.
  • These routine blood tests often include CBC, HIV, Bleeding time, clotting time, PT, APTT, Random blood sugar et.
  • The objective of these blood tests is to eliminate even a single chance of medical complications that may occur during or after the surgery.

Precautions you should take before surgery

  • If you are taking any mediation, you have to disclose it to your surgeon since you may need to stop certain medications before the surgery.
  • If you have any allergies, inform your surgeon before the surgery.
  • You must inform your doctor if you have any health problem before the surgery.
  • If you smoke you have to leave it for nearly 2 weeks prior to the surgery if you hope for favorable results.

The cost Structure and Payment Policies

Booking price:

Booking amount for the hair loss treatment is 3000 that is non-refundable. You are expected to deposit the booking amount to finalize your appointment.

The total cost of the treatment includes the booking amount.

18% GST extra on hair transplant surgery.

We will charge Rs 1000 for antibiotic medicines and shampoo after the surgery.

Bank Details:

Bank name: ICICI Bank
Bank address: Gol market branch, Gol market, model town, Panipat

Account no.: 661905500695

IFSC code: ICIC0006619

Payment Modes

You must deposit the total cost of hair transplant by the date of surgery and you can do so by opting for any options giving below:

Cash, online transfer, Bhim app, Credit card, bank cheque etc.

If you choose bank cheque for the payment, you have to deposit the cheque to the bank 3 days prior to the surgery to get the amount cleared before the day of surgery.